Youth Development Team

Ages 7-15


The MMTT Youth Development program welcomes all kids (ages 7-15 on December 31st) into the world of triathlon. We focus on safely developing age-appropriate triathlon skills, speed and character – all while having fun. Kids of all ability levels gain self-confidence by setting, working towards and achieving goals with their teammates in a positive atmosphere. The youth program is designed to prepare the athlete for the Youth Elite Team if they choose.  Athletes will be encouraged to attend practice, participate in competitions at regional events and to race for MMTT at USAT Nationals in August.  Qualified kids need to be coordinated enough to ride bikes safely and swim well enough to enjoy participating in a triathlon.

Contact Chris Palmquist

MMTT Youth Development Team Squads

We currently have four different training squads to make getting to practices more convenient for families. Each squad is coached by 1-2 experienced and certified coaches.

Geneva Squad: Contact Chris Palmquist

Palatine Squad: Contact Dean Hewson

Naperville Squad: Contact Kurt Woodward

North Suburban Squad: Contact Kim Boudreau


Similar to the description above, the team meets at locations in the Palatine and Schaumburg areas of the northwest suburbs.

We focus on getting young athletes on their bikes and learning skills for speed, efficiency, and safety. We love to practice transitions, do relays, play tag, practice group-riding skills, and experiment with running drills and hill workouts. We like variety! We also ride indoors at Ascend Bike Studio when the weather dictates.

Mental preparation and positivity are an important part of our practice routine, as is sportsmanship, and building plenty of confidence.

Since most of our youth and junior athletes play other sports, such as soccer, swimming, and cross country, some of our workouts are more about skills, fun, and recovery, than about adding additional training stress. Our athletes and families already have busy schedules, so sometimes less is more – and homework is always more important than MMTT practice.

Our athletes love to be part of team and race together with the full support and encouragement from their training partners, coaches, and parents. We keep it fun, so they’ll keep at it. And if they keep at it, the results will follow.

For more information, please contact: Dean Hewson

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