St. Charles Park District Indoor Triathlon



Age Group Results

The St. Charles Park District Indoor Triathlon is a family orientated event where athletes of all abilities can participate and complete a triathlon.  This unique event has a longer distance adult race as well as a youth event that is catered to youth aged 7 – 14 years old.  All proceeds from this event benefit the St. Charles Swim Team and the Multisport Madness Youth Triathlon Team.

Race Date: Saturday, February 8, 2020

Location: Norris Recreation Center, 1050 Dunham Rd. St. Charles, IL  60174   phone: 630-377-1405

Adult Race

  • Swim 10 minutes
    • 10 minute transition to the bike
    • Bike 20 minutes on indoor bike
      • 5 minute transition to the run
      • Run 15 minutes on a track

Youth Race (limited to age 7 to 14 years old)

  • Swim 5 minutes
    • 10 minute transition to the bike
    • Bike 15 minutes on an indoor bike
      • 5 minute transition to the run
      • Run 10 minutes on a track

Registration Link

If you would like to be placed in a wave with another individual, please note that during your registration process.  Understand that the adult and youth races are different distances, hence, they will have their own separate waves.  Adults will not be able to race with their children as they will be in different waves.  We will make every effort to place the youth in a wave near their parent’s start time.

Race Fees

Adult Race – $35 til Feb 1st; $40 from Feb 2cd – Feb 8th

Youth Race – $25 til Feb 1st; $30 from Feb 2cd – Feb 8th

This event is sanctioned by USA Triathlon and requires a valid USA Triathlon license as of the race day.  The fee for the license is $15 for adults for this single race or $50 for the annual license.  The youth fee is $10 for a 12 month membership.

Goodie Bag

Each participant will be given a USAT branded drawstring bag, swim cap, goggles as well as a finisher medal

Race Details

  • Athletes will be assigned wave start times to compete in by the race organizers.  The waves will be posted on this site and will also be emailed to participants.
  • Athletes must be checked in for their wave at least 45 minutes prior to their start time.  Any athlete that does not show up 45 min before the start time will have their spot forfeited.
  • Athletes will be assigned a volunteer to record your distances in each event.  Athletes will be asked to sign their distance card after the run is completed verifying that they are in agreement with the distances calculated.
  • Body marking / numbers will be assigned when athletes check in with the Head Swim Timer.  Athletes will start in the pool in their assigned lane.  Each athlete will have their own lane!
  • Any stroke may be used in the swim and athletes may walk if their feet can touch the ground. No life jackets, floaties, paddleboards, or outside assistance permitted
  • Athletes have 10min to transition to the bike / run area in the fieldhouse.  Athletes need to be prepared to move swiftly as the bike starts promptly 10 minutes after the end of the swim.
  • The bike portion of the race is on an assigned stationary bike.  Setting your seat height and warming up is part of the transition time.
  • There is no standing on the bike.  First violation will result in a warning and the second violation will result in disqualification
  • During the run portion of the event, full laps and ½ laps will be credited
  • Results will be posted periodically in the fieldhouse and will also be posted on within 24 hours of the end of the race

Race Questions: Please email: