2019 Pleasant Prairie Junior Elite Cup and Age Group Race

Date: Sunday  June 2, 2019

The Pleasant Prairie Cup race is a full day triathlon event with youth and junior events for all ages and abilities. The event takes place across lake from the renowned RecPlex facility where several top events are held each year. The day will begin with the Youth and Junior elite draft legal races taking place. Come out and watch some of our future Olympians tackle the exciting Pleasant Prairie course. After the Elite athletes are done, we will have a Youth event in the afternoon where athletes 7-14 can race non-drafting style on the course.

Link to website and registration:

Youth and Junior elite


Age Group Triathlon


7:30am Youth Elite Female Start

8:30am Youth Elite Male Start

9:30am Junior Elite Women Start

11:00am Junior Elite Male Start

12:30pm Junior/Youth Elite Awards Ceremony

1:30pm Age Group Senior 11-14

2:15pm Age Group Youth 7-10