2022 MMTT Youth and Elite Triathlon

For over 20 years, the MMTT Youth Triathlon has exposed the sport of triathlon to thousands of youth.  Ben Kanute, 2016 RIO Olympian in Triathlon, and Kevin McDowell, 2021 Tokyo Silver Medalist in Triathlon started their triathlon careers at this race!  Come on out and give your children the gift of exercise by having them participate in this fun event!

2022 MMTT Youth and Elite Triathlon

Date:  Sunday, May 29, 2022

Location: Northwestern Medicine Delnor Health and Fitness Center, 296 Randall Road, Geneva, IL.

Youth race starts at 7:00 am

Senior race goes after – 7:45am range

Elite race after the senior race – 8:15 – 8:30am range

High School Triathlon Championship – 8:30am – 8:45am range



Entry fee is $50 prior to May 14, 2022 and $60 thereafter.

Packet Pickup

There are two options for packet pick up:

Saturday, May 28, 2020 from 2 -4pm, Northwestern Medicine Delnor Health and Fitness Center, 296 Randall Road Geneva, IL

Race morning beginning at 5:45am and closing at 6:30am

We strongly encourage you to pick up packets on Saturday; it’s one less thing to deal with on race morning. We’ll also have people on hand to answer any questions you might have.

USAT Membership

This race is sanctioned by USA Triathlon and requires that each athlete have a USAT membership.  The fee for a youth membership is $10 annually and will be available for sign up during the registration process.  An annual membership allows an athlete to compete in USAT-sanctioned races while receiving many benefits which include: a subscription to the quarterly USA Triathlon magazine, be part of the USA Triathlon national ranking system, discounts from USA Triathlon sponsors, etc.

Race Day!

The race is split into 4 separate race divisions (Juniors, Seniors, Elites and High School). Please note that your race age is determined by your age as of Dec. 31, 2022 per USAT rules. For example, if you are 10 years old on race day but you turn 11 before the end of December 2022, you will be racing the longer Senior distance

1. Juniors (6-8 year olds)-75 Meter pool swim, 2 Mile Bike, .5 Mile Run

2. Juniors (9-10 year olds) – 125 Meter pool swim, 2 Mile Bike, .5 Mile Run

3. Seniors (11-16 year olds) – 125 Meter pool swim, 5 Mile Bike, 1 Mile Run

4. Elites (max age of 16 for award purposes – previous sprint or draft legal race experience recommended) 375 Meter pool swim, 6.2 Mile Bike, 1.55 Mile Run (Please contact race director at j561058@yahoo.com if you are unsure of athlete placement or have questions about this event)

5. High School Triathlon Championship – limited to athletes in high school – 375 Meter pool swim, 6.2 Mile Bike, 1.55 Mile Run

The Junior Race will begin at 7:00am. The Senior Race will follow once all the Junior racers have completed the bike course. The Elites will go off after Seniors have completed the bike course. The High School Championship will start after the Elites are done completing their bike. Please note that the high school championship is a non-drafting event.  All racers should make sure they bring some extra warm clothing to wear while waiting to go off. (You won’t be able to get back into transition area once the race starts.)

Transition Area

The transition area will open at 5:45am and close at 6:45am. Mandatory race talk will be at 6:45am SHARP!! PLEASE get to the race early enough to get set up and out of the transition area on time so we can have a prompt start. Athletes may only have ONE parent or guardian in the transition area with them prior to race start. Racers must be body marked to gain access to the transition area. We will do our best to keep this area secure, however, Northwestern Medicine Delnor Health and Fitness Center and MMTT will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. Race volunteers with triathlon experience will be available to give kids some tips on setting up their transition space.

Swim Course

Junior (age 9-10) and Senior racers will be completing a 125-meter swim in the Fitness Center. Those athletes age 6-8 will swim 75 meters.  The swim will be done in a “snake” fashion with each swimmer swimming one length in each lane (a total of 5 lengths in a 25 meter pool for those swimming 125 meters). There will be lifeguards on duty as well as volunteers to make sure each swimmer completes the course in a safe manner. Swimmers will be starting the course one at a time at approximately 10-second intervals. Swimmers will be allowed to pass another swimmer.

The Elite racers and High School Championship racers will start in wave starts of 10 racers at a time and swim 15 laps. The racers will have a designated lane (shared with 1 other athlete) and swim down and back until their swim is complete. Counters will be at the end of each lane to let the swimmer know when they have completed their swim by lowering a kickboard into the water.  All athletes are reminded that it is their ultimate responsibility to count their own laps.

Bike Course

The bike course will be on neighborhood streets just north and west of the Fitness Center. We will have the Geneva Police Department volunteering at the many of the intersections as well as race volunteers along the route. The route will be closed to most traffic. However, all racers MUST adhere to instructions given by volunteers and police officers. In the event of an emergency, an ambulance may have to get through the bike course. Riders are expected to follow normal road rules. This includes staying to the right and passing on the left. There will be NO DRAFTING in the Juniors, Seniors and High School Championship race on the bike portion of the race.

***No rider will be allowed on the bike course without a helmet that is undamaged and unaltered and meets or exceeds the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The helmet should be clearly labeled meeting these standards. …No exceptions!!  Safety is our number one concern for the athletes! **

Run Course

The run course will take place on the trail around the Fitness Center property. Volunteers and an aid station with water will be available on the course.

Post Race Activities

There will be a DJ, snacks and drinks at the finish for the athletes along with a raffle prize drawing (must be present to win).  Awards will be presented to the top 3 in each age group.


Any parent or child needing service hours (we are a non-profit organization) interested in volunteering on race day will be GREATLY appreciated. Please contact our race director at j561058@yahoo.com and sign up to be part of this fantastic event. Also, please don’t forget to thank the many volunteers out there ensuring your kids have a safe and fun race! We could not put this race on without them.

We are looking forward to seeing you on race day!!

Race Morning Reminders

• Don’t forget your bike helmet, no riders will be allowed on the course without one.

• Transition area will close at 6:45am sharp. You must have everything set up and be out of the transition area so we can start the race on time.  Timing chips will be distributed on race day on the pool deck just prior to the start of each division’s group.  Timing chips should be worn the entire race.  If it becomes dislodged and lost, please notify the timing crew upon finishing.

• Mandatory course talk will begin at 6:45am outside the transition area.

• No spectators will be allowed in the pool area during the swim. This is for the safety of our athletes.

• The swim start will take place in numerical order. The interval between racers will be approximately 10 seconds. It is the racer’s responsibility to be at the swim start on time. Please be ready to go in the waiting area.

• Body Markers will be available outside the transition area. Please make sure you get body marked on race morning.

• When starting out on the bike course, athletes must NOT mount their bikes until they cross the “mounting line”. There will be volunteers on the course letting you know where this is. Athletes must also dismount at this line and run their bikes into the transition area for safety purposes.

• Make sure to stay to the right side of the road on the bike course unless you are passing. Once you have passed (on the LEFT), move back to the right side of the road. Be LOUD on the bike course, let a rider know you will pass by saying, “On your left!” Be Safe! The course will be partially closed, but the police may have to let some vehicles through so be aware of what is going on around you.

• Athletes in the Senior Division will do TWO LOOPS on Bricher Road. We are able to identify athletes that do not do the second loop on Bricher Road by reviewing bike time and average speed.  The race Director and Timer reserve the right to disqualify any athlete that does not appear to have completed two laps.

• Athletes in the Junior Division will turn around just before Bricher Road. This will also be explained in the course talk and there will be volunteers on the course telling the kids where to go.

• You will not be able to remove your bikes from transition area until ALL racers are finished racing.

• Have a great race, but most importantly, be safe and HAVE FUN!

Timing and Results

This race is chip timed by It’s Race Time, Inc.  Current year results will be available shortly after the conclusion of our event at: