answers to frequently asked questions

What is MMTT – Mach II?

MMTT – Mach II is a 8-time national champion triathlon team with over 30 individual national champions, 4 world champions and a winning tradition. Several of MMTT – Mach II’s alumni are racing at the professional level of triathlon. MMTT – Mach II strives to teach life skills through sport. Through hard work and fun, athletes build healthy lifestyles from their experiences in this positive environment.

How is MMTT – Mach II different from other youth programs?

MMTT – Mach II is one of the only programs in the U.S. that provides a full service program (swim, bike and run training) from November through the National Championship. This means that our athletes train together throughout the year and their training is specific to triathlon.

What age does my athlete have to be to participate?

MMTT – Mach II consists of athletes from ages 7-19. The Youth Developmental Team is for kids ages 7-15.  The Elite Team is for advanced athletes ages 12-19.

Who is the Team Director?  Who are the Head Coaches?

John Lorenz and Deb Jenks are co-directors of the team.

Steve Brandes is the Head Coach of the Elite Team.

Deb Jenks is the Head Coach of the Elite and Youth team in Iowa.

Christine Palmquist is Head Coach of the Youth Developmental Team.

What is the training and racing season?

The Elite Team begins practicing once high school cross country season ends and continues through mid-August or early September for the World Championships. Typically, athletes compete 6 to 8 times from March through September.

Annually the team travels to the USAT Elite Cup races in May, June, July and August. The USAT National Championships will be in West Chester, OH in early August, 2014.

The Youth Developmental Team starts formal practices in March, at the conclusion of short course swim team season and continues until mid August. The Youth team races 4-6 times culminating with team participation at the USAT Nationals in West Chester, OH in early August.  Some youth team athletes will go on to compete at Hyvee Nationals in late August.

How often does the team practice? What time are the practices held?

We believe group workouts are what make MMTT-Mach II a strong team. The number of practices is dependent on the age of your athlete. For Elites, during the early part of the season practices are typically held 4-5 times per week. As the school year ends, practice frequency and intensity increases to prepare the athletes for the end of year Championship races. While school is in session, practices are held in the early evening during the week and Saturday morning. Elite athletes don’t miss because they don’t want to miss. There are occasional excused absences.

Practice philosophy and frequency is different for the Youth Developmental Team. The Youth Developmental Team is for young athletes who are involved in other sports/activities as well as triathlon.  Youth Developmental athletes are requested to be on a swim team for swim practices.  Our team practices cycling, running, strength and transitions as a group three times per week. Attendance is not taken.

Where does the team conduct its training sessions?

The Illinois Elite Team’s “home base” during the fall and winter is Lifetime Fitness in Warrenville, IL. Most cycling practices are at Endure It! in Naperville, IL. In spring and summer we move around to various Fox Valley locations. The Iowa home base is in the Cedar Rapids area.

The Illinois Youth/Developmental Team holds most outdoor practices at Geneva Park District’s Peck Farm. This park offers us a safe 2.4 mile cycling and running trail, along with grassy fields and two nearby outdoor tracks. Occasionally, we will practice in other locations near Geneva and travel to Lake in the Hills for open water swimming practice. During early spring, we will hold some indoor cycling classes at The Bike Rack in St. Charles. Our Iowa Youth Development team trains out of the Cedar Rapids area.

How does my child join the team?

Elite Team try-outs are held during the fall but athletes can join anytime if they possess the appropriate skills in the three disciplines. Every athlete must complete a swim, bike, and run test, and an interview with the team coaches. Athletes are selected based on their interest and ability. Average swimming skills are very beneficial.  For more information please email J561058@yahoo.com.

Youth Developmental Team does not have formal tryouts.  Athletes must have adequate bike handling skills to be safe during training.  Athletes should be a member of a swim team.  Athletes must be mature enough to enjoy group practices.  There will be two training sessions.  The first is March – May.  The second is June-August.  Young athletes can join for either one or both of the sessions.  A team sign-up meeting will be held in early March at The Bike Rack in St. Charles.  Contact cspalmquist@gmail.com for more information.

How much does it cost to have my athlete participate?

The elite team members pay a monthly fee for the coaching services they receive. The fees include all coaching, cycling center instruction and equipment, and special sponsored benefits. Contact John Lorenz at j561058@yahoo.com for more information on the Elite team.

The Youth/Developmental team has a separate fee schedule.   Contact Christine Palmquist at cspalmquist@gmail.com for more information on the Youth team.

What equipment does my athlete need to participate? What can MMTT-March II provide, if my athlete doesn’t have a bike, or other needs?

At minimum, all Elite Team athletes need swim goggles, swim suit, bike shoes, bike shorts, and running shoes.

Youth Development Team athletes need swim goggles, swim suit, bike shorts, running clothes and possibly their own bike.  There are some team bikes for the youngest athletes, but currently not enough for all team members.

Will sponsors be providing anything for my kids?

The team works with sponsors so team members can take advantage of discounted gear.